I have not received an issue since early November 2015. I have e-mailed them and was told I would get a few issues tacked on to the end of my subscriptions. It is now mid March and still no magazine. Customer service claims that I was notified in September (I was not)...
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I renewed, didn't get the magazine so renewed from another source - now I'm getting TWO copies each week of Soap Opera Digest. I've written to the subscription department but ...


We have received Soap Opera Digest sporadically since the change to newspaper delivery. USPS was always reliable. Newspaper deliver has been terribly unreliable.

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why the *** you soap opera wanksters always interacting with public relationn you cowards. why you soap opera clowns had to cross that bridge, and how come a kardashian was used on the set you *** blocken followers. you people prey on girls thats in a bad relationship...
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Seems like every other month I have to call SOD about this issue: I receive it for a few weeks, never on time, and then nothing for 2-3 weeks. My account is up to date. What is wrong with this business? They blame it on Post Office, not true. If the PO doesn't receive...
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I didn't like
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Very frustrated that i am having trouble canceling my subscription.I try to log in and says wrong e-mail and password when it isn't.I had your free trial subscription and need to cancel today or be charged which i cant really afford right now.My name is April Aker and...
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You do realize this is a consumer complaint site right? Call customer service at soap Opera Digest! 1-800-829-9095

Flourtown, Pennsylvania
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I would like to cancel my subscription to Soap Opera Digest. I tried to cancel it through them and they told me I had to go through you, so I would like to know how I do this. I do not have time to read this magazine and I do not watch the soap operas anymore and I can...
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I only watch one show so it's kinda silly to read 4 pages of the whole book. Nancy.

Dianne K Bailey

I would like to cancel my Soap Opera Digest subscription. They took AMC off the air so I no longer wish to read your magazine. My subscription is good till May 2012, so I wo...

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Soap Opera Digest
Number would not connect I was simply cut off and returned to my dial screen. Tried 3 times.
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